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Improving Your Health
Improving Your Health
Improving Your Health
Chronic Pain Support
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McLean County Orthopedics

McLean County Orthopedics is your one-stop shop for advanced orthopedic care. Our impressive group of board-certified, fellowship trained physicians has the experience to offer effective treatment options ranging from completely non-invasive help to complex surgical intervention. MCO’s comfortable location offers onsite MRI and X-ray, in-house physical and occupational therapy, and a convenient walk-in Ortho Care Clinic that never requires an appointment. From diagnosis and therapy to advanced injury care and joint replacement, MCO is your trusted partner every step of the way.





I am extremely impressed with the professionalism of MCO. They went above and beyond in excellent care for my injury. I will refer others to you.
Surgery was great and physicians care was excellent. The physicians made a bad experience turn into a good outcome.
I feel this office is very capable and genuine in their care and treatment. I am grateful that I was aware of this practice! Thank you!