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5 Daily Routines That Might Be Causing You Pain


Orthopedic injuries occur across the body and most often in athletes and older adults, but everyone is susceptible. Sometimes we get so involved in our daily routines that we might not even notice what's causing our pain. Check out these five daily activities that might be causing you orthopedic discomfort:  

Common Causes of Pain

  1. Typing: It's important to practice correct alignment of the fingers, hands, and forearms when typing for long periods of time. Improper alignment results in tension, which often leads to pain in the fingers, hand, and wrist. Over time, poor typing practices can cause an overuse injury or lead to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.
  2. Looking Down: Nowadays, we are always looking down at our phones and tablets. This continual strain on our neck muscles can cause serious pain, sometimes extending down the spine causing lower back pain.
  3. Sleeping on Your Stomach: Sleeping on your stomach is said to be the worst sleeping position. It compresses the spine and can lead to lower back pain.Most of the time, stomach-sleepers turn their head to the side, which causes neck pain as well.
  4. Sitting: Your expensive office chair might look nice, but it's not so nice for your back. At least, not if you're sitting for extended time periods without breaks. Sitting puts 30% more pressure on your spine. Be sure to get up and move when you have a chance. Your body will thank you later!
  5. Poor Posture: Mom was right when she said, "Stand up straight!" Although good posture won't always address the cause of your back pain, it can help relieve muscle tension

How to Fix Poor Posture 

You most likely won't be able to stop typing or looking down at your smartphone entirely, but there are a couple of things you can do to prevent lower back pain and neck pain in your daily routines:

  • Maintain a healthy body weight; the more weight you carry around, the more stress there is on your bones.
  • Mix up your exercise routine to help different parts of your body. Strengthen your bones, muscles, and joints by adding regular resistance training to your workouts.

The first step toward relief is a proper diagnosis! The MCO team will work closely with you to determine the severity, cause, and treatment options for your pain or injury. Pain management is our focus. Let us help you get back to the life you love. Call us at 309-663-6461 or contact us online for more information. 

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