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5 Ways to Stop Carpal Tunnel Pain Without Surgery


Carpal Tunnel is a common condition that consists of numbness, tingling, weakness, and pain caused by increased pressure on the median nerve in the wrist. This nerve runs from your elbow to your hand through a small gap in your wrist referred to as the "carpal tunnel." The pressure can be caused by pregnancy, a variety of illnesses such as hypothyroidism, rheumatoid arthritis, and diabetes, as well as overuse or repetitive use of the wrist.

The symptoms usually occur in the thumb and first three fingers of the hand, making normal tasks more difficult. Your hands are the most used body part, so it can be incredibly frustrating when they're in pain, and you are unable to perform daily activities. No one wants the expense and recovery time that comes with surgery if it's not necessary. Fortunately, there are a variety of home treatment options available to those in need of quick relief. 

Noninvasive Pain Management for Carpal Tunnel 

 If you are experiencing carpal tunnel pain and want to avoid an operation, here are five things you can do to ease carpal tunnel pain without going under the knife:

  • Purchase a wrist splint at your local drug store and wear it while you sleep. This will keep your hand correctly aligned and prevent you from unconsciously flexing or overstretching your wrist.463899
  • Take ibuprofen or naproxen with food to ease the pain after first consulting with your primary care physician to ensure there will be no interactions with other medicines you may be taking.
  • Submerge your hand in water that's approximately 92 to 100 degrees and gently move your hand and wrist. Repeat this process four times a day.
  • Put ice on your wrist or soak it in an ice bath for 15 minutes. Do this up to two times each hour.
  • Relieve pain at night by shaking your hand or hanging it over the edge of your bed.

If these home remedies are not helping after two weeks, it might be wise to see an orthopedic doctor. Over time, surgery may be the best option for relief, but try these home treatments out first. If you're in need of some extra help, McLean County Orthopedics would love to be of service! Schedule an appointment with us today by visiting our Patient Portal: or calling us at 309-663-6461.

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