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4 Signs it May Be Time for a Joint Replacement

Are you tired of constant pain in your knees, hips, and shoulders? Have you seemingly tried everything but still can't find relief? Although surgery is often recommended as a last option, it may be the ideal answer to a renewed and pain-free future. If you are experiencing persisting problems including but not limited to the following, it may be time to consider a joint replacement.

1. You experience severe joint pain.

Severe joint pain can be physically and mentally debilitating. If you experience intense pain, surgery may be the best option for you.

2. Daily routines become difficult.

If you find it nearly impossible to perform your daily activities, or if you're losing sleep, you may want to consider joint replacement. Reduced mobility, increased stiffness, and extreme swelling are all signs of a worsening condition that may require surgery.

3. You've exhausted all other non-surgical treatments.

Typically, patients considering joint replacement have already tried other treatments such as anti-inflammatory medications, painkillers, joint injections, and physical therapy. If none of these treatments seem to be working, joint replacement may be the answer.

4. You have advanced arthritis or significant joint damage.

The joint replacement procedure is often more difficult when the joint has suffered severe damage from arthritis or other causes such as increased deformity and bone loss. Waiting could lead to not only less joint functionality, but also extended recovery time.

Finding the right surgeon is essential to a successful operation. Our experienced surgeons and staff will provide top-rated care from your first appointment to your recovery. Whether you're suffering from hip, shoulder, or knee pain, MCO is ready to get you back to the life you love. Call us today to learn more at 309-663-6461 or visit us online

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