Dr. Michaels treats all general and chronic pain conditions and is skilled in anesthesiology. He focuses on interventional pain medicine, including both invasive and non-invasive procedures. Types of treatment can consist of different forms of therapy, injections, radiofrequency ablation, medication management, and more.

Michaels listens carefully to his patients and prides himself on noticing subtle nuances that help lead to diagnosis and treatment. He is known to review hundreds of pages of medical history for new patients to examine what has been done in the past and develop a treatment plan. Dr. Michaels acknowledges that just because a treatment has been performed in the past, doesn’t mean it is the only solution. He believes that together, he and the patient can develop a care plan that exceeds patient expectations.

Stories like this are what keep Dr. Michaels motivated in his practice. One patient was diagnosed with chronic lower back pain and had gone through twenty injections before seeing Dr. Michaels. After reviewing the patient’s history and performing a thorough physical, he was able to heal the patient using a combination of different treatments successfully.