Body Composition Program at McLean County Orthopedics

MCO’s Body Composition Program helps residents from McLean County and the Central IL area achieve their health, fitness, and weight loss goals. We understand how important your health is to you and your loved ones and we’re here to support you as you become proactive in your health and weight loss journey.

We believe that knowledge is power. Your journey will begin with our specialized medical team gathering and analyzing data on your body’s unique makeup. This includes determining the percentages of your body that are bone, muscle, and fat. This information will then be used to create a unique exercise prescription designed to maximize fat loss and muscle gain.

Your first visit will begin with metabolic testing and a scan through our state-of-the-art Dexa Scanner. Both methods are safe, quick, and minimally invasive and will give our specialized medical team the customized reports needed to analyze your unique body composition and formulate a personalized exercise prescription.  After testing, you will discuss your results with a member of our highly knowledgeable team and a specialized exercise plan will be presented to you.

Your Personal Prescription to Total Body Wellness

Our program contains five different packages, designed to give you the exact level of support that you desire. Every plan contains DEXA and Metabolic testing; however, additional support features of packages can include:

  • A fitness membership to Advocate Bromenn Health and Fitness Center‑ including access to the 50,000 square foot center with pools, a track, exercise equipment, group exercise classes, basic health assessments, fitness coaches, a sauna, and steam rooms.
  • Access to a registered dietician who will work with you to create an individualized nutrition plan, as well as follow-up with you throughout your health journey.
  • The services of a motivational/health psychologist who will help to keep you motivated and become ready and excited for change.

Ready to take back control of your fitness and health? Call our Therapy Department today at (309) 663- 6567 to learn how MCO’s Body Composition Program can change your life.